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EEG presents a tremendous challenge to the neurologist. Although EEG has been used for almost a century, it is still and will continue to be one of the most important diagnostic tools in neurology, especially in pediatric neurology and epilepsy. The rapid advances in digital and prolonged video-EEG as well as in epilepsy surgery enhance the usage of the EEG to the higher level.

Atlas of Pediatric EEG presents both common and uncommon EEG diagnoses in a case-study-oriented manner. Unlike other EEG atlases that catalog only the EEG patterns, this book stresses the viewpoint of the practicing neurologists and neurophysiologists. Integration of the EEG, clinical information, and neuroimaging is the heart of this book and is consistently presented throughout. Cited references for further study are extensive and up to date. This will help the readers to have a better understanding of the EEG and its applications.

Atlas of Pediatric EEG is designed for the electroencephalographer, child neurologist, EEG/epilepsy fellow, neurology resident, pediatrician, and EEG technologist with an interest in pediatric EEG. Other healthcare providers, such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants who care for children with neurologic conditions, as well as medical students during the pediatric neurology clerkship who want to learn about the EEG in children, will also find this atlas valuable.

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