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These last few years have been exciting as understanding about the operation of the nervous system in health and disease and about the underlying mechanisms of neurologic disease has increased. Medical science and technology have progressed spectacularly. This new edition of Clinical Neurology has been mandated by the many advances that have occurred over the last few years in the clinical neurosciences and, more specifically, in the investigation and management of patients with neurologic disorders. We have endeavored to incorporate these developments while, at the same time, limiting the size of the text so that it remains useful to medical students and residents, introducing them to the field of neurology as practiced on the wards and in an outpatient setting. We have been aided in doing so by our own experience over many years as practicing neurologists and clinical teachers. We hope we have been successful and have been able to replace the ambivalence of medical trainees with more confidence and interest as they approach patients with neurologic disorders.

Over the years, medical curricula have continued to expand, and the scientific and fundamental aspects of medicine have sometimes seemed to overshadow the more clinical aspects. We have attempted to balance these various approaches. All the chapters in the book have been updated and in large part rewritten to maintain the emphasis on the practical aspects of neurology while discussing its scientific underpinnings. Colored illustrations were introduced in the last edition, but several new ones have been incorporated to illustrate new points or replace older black-and-white figures. We have not included a lengthy bibliography at the end of each chapter because of the sheer volume of the literature but instead have pointed to key references after different sections in the text and have included limited suggestions for further reading at the end of each chapter.

This new edition of Clinical Neurology is available not only in print format but also online as part of the popular Web site. This makes it more accessible for many readers and also facilitates searches for particular topics and comparison of its content with other standard medical works on the same Web site.

We thank Drs. Catherine Lomen-Hoerth, William Dillon, and Paul Garcia who read selected portions of the text and made helpful suggestions for revisions. At McGraw-Hill, Ms. Ann Sydor helped to guide us through the complexities of early planning of this new edition, and Ms. Karen Edmonson oversaw the production process and ensured that the final product was of the highest quality. We thank them and all the other staff at McGraw-Hill for their help.

Michael J. Aminoff
David A. Greenberg
Roger P. Simon

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