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Textbooks that have a lasting influence are rare. In neurology, such examples are Merritt's Neurology and Adams and Victor's Principles of Neurology, both now in print for decades and continually updated. I believe the second edition of Amato and Russell's Neuromuscular Disorders is such a textbook. Immediately on the publication of the first edition, it became the primary textbook source of information for study of neuromuscular disease. Neuro-muscular Disorders filled a large gap in the field. Until that time, there was no single text that covered the principles of motor neuron disease, nerve disease, neuromuscular junction disorders, and muscle disorders. Neuromuscular Disorders covers all these areas superbly. It is written primarily through the voice of two authors, Tony Amato and Jim Russell, and this provides a wonderfully consistent message and makes the book easy to read. In the second edition, there are guest authors for some specialty areas involving rehabilitative medicine, Erik Ensrud and Sabrina Paganoni, and their chapters are outstanding and the fluent voice is maintained.

The book has gained many fans because it addresses neuromuscular disorders from the clinician's perspective rather than from that of bench scientists. In addition, the book brings together muscle and nerve pathology and electrodiagnostic medicine as extensions of the clinician's approach to the patient. Readers can go to one text to find the principles of the various neuromuscular disorders and find information on pathology and neurophysiology that will enable clinicians to help their patients. Neuromuscular Disorders not only can aid the clinician in diagnosing patients but also includes up-to-date information on therapeutic approaches. For all these reasons, Amato and Russell's Neuromuscular Disorders has been adopted as the primary source book in the field for residents, fellows, and practicing physicians in academia and in the private setting. I am certain that the second edition will continue to gain many fans among neurologists, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists, and other health care providers.

I feel confident that this impressive book may well follow in the footsteps of classics like Merritt's and Adams and Victor's and will be a source of essential practical information in our field for years to come. This book can be counted on to provide what is needed to help our patients who have serious neuromuscular health issues. We are all indebted to the authors for providing us with an updated edition of this wonderful book.

Richard J. Barohn, MD
Chairman, Department of Neurology
Gertrude and Dewey Ziegler Professor of Neurology
University Distinguished Professor
Vice Chancellor for Research
President, Research Institute
University of Kansas Medical Center
Kansas City, Kansas

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