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I take this opportunity to recognize the help I received in the preparation of the fourth edition of Neuroanatomy: Text and Atlas. I am grateful to the following friends and colleagues who have read portions of the manuscript or have provided radiological or histological materials for this or previous editions: Dimitris Agamanolis, David Amaral, Richard Axel, Bertil Blok, Eric Bushong, Bud Craig, Mike Crutcher, Maurice Curtis, Adrian Danek, Aniruddha Das, Sam David, Mony deLeon, John Dowling, Mark Ellisman, Susan Folstein, Blair Ford, Peter Fox, Stephen Frey, Eitan Friedman, Guido Gainotti, Lice Ghilardi, Mickey Goldberg, James Goldman, Pat Goldman-Rakic, Suzanne Haber, Shaheen Hamdy, Andrei Holodny, Jonathan Horton, David Hubel, Matilde Inglese, Sharon Juliano, Joe LeDoux, Kevin Leung, Marge Livingstone, Camillo Marra, Randy Marshall, Etienne Olivier, Elizabeth Pimentel, Jesús Pujol, Josef Rauschecker, David Ruggiero, Neal Rutledge, Thomas Schultz, Brian Somerville, Bob Vassar, Bob Waters, Torsten Wiesel, Rachel Wong, and Semir Zeki. I also would like to thank Alice Ko for help with the three-dimensional reconstructions that provided the basis for various illustrations. I am grateful to Dr. Frank Galliard, who created the website, for selection of many fine MRIs illustrating neurological damage. I would especially like the to highlight and thank Dr. Joy Hirsch—and her associates at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University, Steve Dashnaw and Glenn Castilo—for many of the high-resolution MRIs used in the fourth edition.

I would like to extend a special note of thanks to members of the neuroanatomy teaching faculty at the College of Physicians and Surgeons and the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education at the City University of New York for many helpful discussions. For the illustrations, I thank the Dragonfly Media Group, and especially Rob Fedirko for bringing to fruition the many facets of the complex art program, notably adding color to the illustrations and all of the new artwork. For artwork carried over from previous editions, I also thank Michael Leonard, the original illustrator and Dragonfly Media Group. I especially thank Howard Radzyner for the superb photographs of myelin-stained brain sections that have helped to define Neuroanatomy: Text and Atlas from its first edition. At McGraw-Hill, I am indebted to Armen Ovespyan for his careful management of the art program. I greatly appreciate the hard work and patience of Christie Naglieri, Senior Project Development Editor, and Catherine Saggese, Senior Production Supervisor. I thank Sandhya Gola at Cenveo Publisher Services and Sheryl Krato for permissions. Finally, I would like to thank my editor Michael Weitz for his support, patience, and guidance—not to mention timely pressure—in the preparation of the fourth edition. Last, and most important, I thank Carol S. Martin for her untiring support during the preparation of this edition and all previous editions of the book.

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