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Neurocritical care is a captivating, fast-growing subspecialty dedicated to the care and treatment of patients with the most severe nervous system diseases. Knowledge of neurology in conjunction with all critical care skills is needed to care for these patients. Because of the broad knowledge base required to practice neurocritical care, there is a lack of comprehensive and organized resources that describe the training curriculum or specific board preparation.

As we began to prepare for our own boards, we realized there was a large gap in the current materials available. We used the available educational resources at our Harvard Neurocritical Care Fellowship Program and invested the energy of nationwide fellows, residents, and junior faculty to generate a comprehensive question-and-answer book.

We have created this board review book to prepare you not only for the neurocritical care boards but also for the neurosurgery, emergency medicine, and surgical critical care boards! Readers will find that this book is not just about the brain, as it also covers the complexities of all organ failures and general critical care topics.

We designed this book to be a great resource and study guide to trainees rotating through neurocritical care units, including neurology and neurosurgery residents, as well as fellows from other subspecialties who are not familiar with core neurocritical care topics.

Given the lack of available curriculum, we created an advisory board composed of junior faculty from top facilities around the United States who have taken the board exam to review the questions and ensure that they mirror the board exam in quality, difficulty, and content. We have also gotten input from across the United States to ensure variance in different facility practices is addressed to not overwhelm your board preparation.

With over 700 questions and detailed answer explanation, all neurocritical care topics are covered. Although question-and-answer–based preparation works well for board review, we aspired for more. We hope that the 12 clinical cases at the end of the book can strengthen your understanding of critical care topics and prepare you further for practice in the neurologic intensive care unit.

"Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity." —Hippocrates

Saef Izzy, MD
David Lerner, MD
Kiwon Lee, MD

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